Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Hip Hop Soul

A creative flow of postures (asanas, see below!) designed to link breath to movement intelligently, and fluidly like a sacred yoga dance. 

I curate my playlist & flow depending on the collective vibe of the day; Pranayama in silence, warm up to some chilled-out Hip Hop beats, Sun Salutation to bouncy RnB and Hip Hop, sweat it out to some Gangsta Rap, and then slow it down to some sensual Soul or RnB. Wu-Tang, 2Pac, Busta Rhymes & Mos Def feature regularly for the Hip Hop section, whilst some Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, D’Angelo & Maxwell are dotted in there to help chill out after the dynamic flows.

My classes will guarantee a sweat, but all levels are welcome as variations will be given to beginners and to those wanting a challenge.

If you have any questions not answered below/and or feedback, please hit me up!

YES YOU CAN! Classes are open to all levels. Beginners will be offered alignment cues, whilst the more experienced yogi will have the chance to take up challenging variations of a pose.

To the yogi-newbies reading this: As a former exercise-hater, I will say –you will sweat, you may get grumpy and you’ll be hating on your body if you expect yoga to just be all peace and loving and not sweaty. The physical practice of Yoga is just as essential to the practitioner as the meditation, the breathing and the zen-ning out. It took me my intense 200 hours of training to appreciate the discipline, and get my mental beliefs over and around the physical challenge. Try it! Patience, perseverance and getting in a whole new out-of-comfort zone. I got you!

Vinyasa Yoga = A creative flow of postures (asanas, see below!) designed to link breath to movement intelligently, and fluidly like a sacred yoga dance.

Dynamic Flow = When the term is used in yoga, it generally means that you’ll be going through a more fluid, quick transition of postures. And sweaty.

Slow Flow = The opposite of Dynamic Flow. You’ll be transitioning through a flow at a slower rate, and holding postures for just a couple breaths extra.

Asana(s) = Postures. Specific static body poses designed by a dude named Patanjali via Krishnamacharya. Each pose is designed to create an open flow of energy/meridian lines within the body.

Pranayama = Prana is Sanskrit for ‘life force,’ and ‘ayama’ to restrain or control. Pranayama is a breath control exercise with the intention to extend life force. Or, I use it to calm-da-eff down and turn my gaze inward.

Drishti = That serious business yoga face. A focused gaze that helps to cultivate concentrated intention.